I believe that even if my acupuncture needles are ‘magic bullets,’ the acupuncture and Chinese medicine process would be much less effective if my patient didn’t have an adequate nutritional foundation.

Americans have a diet rich in calories and profoundly deficient in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, etc. Our diets are heavily influenced by the American lifestyle, which is rushed, overwhelmed, and processed. We are inundated with technological input from computers, television, and even phones, putting all of this information into our minds, but we do little to nourish our bodies.

The USDA used to recommend 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day but they have recently increased the number to 7-13 servings a day. The nutritional benefit of fruits and vegetables, or ‘whole foods’, is the only way to provide the micronutrients that nature intended.

I coach my patients on proper eating habits to optimize their body’s ability to heal itself and maintain a strong immune system.

Here is a hint: eat a diet that is made up of 80% whole foods and 20% non-plant based foods. Also, drink half of your body weight in water, on average.

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