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Acupuncture and the Pain in the Neck

Aug 13, 2016 | Acupuncture

I am amazed at how many of us (me included) have issues with neck and shoulder pain.  The reason I titled this article “the Pain in the Neck,” is because it points to the body/mind/spirit conversation that eastern medicine always addresses.

There are emotional, as well as physical and nutritional (which included the water issue) factors that I will talk about here.

First of all, always remember that the old song with the lyrics, “the hip bone is connected to the neck bone,” is very true.  The body can’t be divided up for repair like a car.  Neck and shoulder pain is usually manifested as tightness in the muscled and tendons in that area.  The tightness can impinge on nerves, which will cause a radiating pain (sharp and shooting, or dull and achy, o9r numb and tingling).  Often there are trigger points in the area, which are like bundled up muscle fibers that will cause a radiating pain down the arm or back when pressure is applied.

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