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Essential Oils, Acupuncture, and You

Sep 27, 2016 | Acupuncture, Health - Conditions

“Where Energy Meets Energy”

Genuine essential oils are specialized plant extracts, and in that sense they are more drug-like relative to whole-herb extracts such as medicinal tinctures.”    Peter Holmes (Snow Lotus)

I discovered the wonder of 100% pure/organic essential oils about 10 years ago when I attended a seminar by Peter Holmes (Licensed acupuncturist and medical herbalist)   Recently I’ve begun incorporating them in earnest in my treatment room…..because they are powerful.  Patients receive the aromatherapy benefits along with the body and mind impacts they offer.  Essential oils are derived from flowers, seeds and fruits, fruit rinds herbs and leaves, conifer needles, tree and herb resins, barks and roots.  Some oils I use are Spike Lavender, Patchouli, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Bergamot (to name a few).  I use a line of essential oils in my practice that are steam processed and 100% pure.

To understand the mechanism of action of essential oils think of sound waves.  Sound waves are produced by the action of energy (molecules) within the pitch of a sound.  It can be measured thru technology.  In a similar fashion aroma has a wave pattern.  This is an energetic phenomenon.  The aroma enters thru the nose and its emotional impact goes directly into our brain.  Also, these oils are absorbed thru the skin on contact producing their energetic impact.

Patients often enter my treatment room and comment on the wonderful fragrance and ask ‘what is it?’  Because I use a variety of different oils on any given treatment, I encourage my patient to breath it all in and receive the aroma-therapeutic benefits.

After ‘reading’ the pulses, I will usually start a treatment with some oil on an acupuncture point using acupressure.  There is usually an immediate shift in the pulse which I like to describe as an ‘opening up of the pulse’.  This makes the pulse easier and also more accurate to read before I start the acupuncture.  It also begins to relax the patient on the table.

Recently I received a call from a woman recovering from breast cancer and the damaging effects of radiation and chemotherapy.  She had developed severe peripheral neuropathy of her lower extremities and hands.  Since she was ‘needle phobic’, I used only essential oils and acupressure.  Within a few sessions her pain and numbness was becoming significantly improved and she was motivated to begin swimming pool therapy as well at a nearby YMCA.

Last week we were both amazed at an unexpected impact of the oils.  She wanted to address the adhesions, limited mobility and severe tenderness of her left pectoralis muscle bundle adjoining her breast where she had received a lumpectomy.  The tissue and muscle was extremely tight with adhesions and scar tissue evident underneath the skin.  I applied a few different oils directly to the area and gently massaged and also performed acupressure for about 30 minutes.  She had an immediate relief of some of the pain along with significant range of motion restored.  The following week she reported to me that 24 hours after the treatment she woke up to what appeared to be a painless bruising down both arms.  Amazingly, I never treated the arms.

The only explanation I could offer was from a Chinese/energy medicine perspective.  According to Chinese medicine, her pain from scar tissue and adhesions can be referred to as ‘stagnant blood’.  Another way to think of it is densified stagnant energy.  Considering the energetic properties of essential oils, I presume that ‘energy met energy’.  The essential oil vapors had ‘moved’ the stagnant blood, and it exited out her arms producing what she called ‘bruising’.  The confirmation of this was that the ‘bruising’ vanished in 24-48 hours, and her adhesion pain was relieved and motion restored.

The miracle of Chinese medicine never ceases to amaze me.  My patients often challenge me to new approaches to treatment so that ultimately it’s a win/win.  Patients are relieved of suffering, and I grow in my practice and get to receive the essential oil benefits as well….since I use my fingers to apply.  Touch is a wonderful thing.

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