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Baltimore Acupuncture for Health offers acupuncture services to meet all of your health, wellness and pain management needs.

Your journey to healing can begin in either my Catonsville, Maryland spaces.

The most important step in healing is to make the decision to make that initial phone call and set up your first appointment.

The following pages should answer any questions you might have about my acupuncture practice.

I look forward to meeting with you.

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Western Medicine

A patient recently suggested I write an article helping people to understand how one could combine the use of acupuncture and western medical treatments. A lot of people think it’s an either/or…  an oppositional conversation.

Weight Loss

One of the common inquiries I get is from women wanting to know if I can help them to lose weight though acupuncture. The bad new is that there is no ‘weight loss point -no ‘magic bullet’. The good new is that weight issues are very often a reflection of an underlying imbalance. When the imbalance is treated, and lifestyle shifts are made, then shifts in weight can be a result.

Anxiety and the Bailout

So, we’ve been ‘bailed out’. Then what’s all the worry I hear? Why are so many people fretting and fearful about the economic situation? Because people are responding to the media’s coverage of businesses failing, unemployment, possible tax increases etc etc., that’s why! Gas prices, banks closing, and jobs in jeopardy.


It is said that the only thing anyone can rely on is life…is death. Simple, yet maybe too simple. As we journey on in our lives we come to realize—hopefully—that death is as mysterious as inevitable. And it is not the only definite in our life.  We can rely on the sun rising and setting. We can rely on green in Spring and auburn in Autumn.


As we come out of summer and approach Autumn we leave behind our experiences of the loss of some loved celebrities like  Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, to name a few.  Icons and imprints on our cultural national stage.  But, what of our own personal losses? The death a loved one? What about the grief we bare and how it affects us – body, mind, spirit?


She came with a chronic 12-year history of Psoriasis covering 80-100% of her body. She wanted to become pregnant as well. Karen is a young woman who had detached herself from her body due to her own shame; covering up with tee-shirts and jeans all summer long. She had been thru the Western approach for nearly a decade, and nothing seemed to touch her psoriasis. Could acupuncture help, she wanted to know. Here is her story.

The Mystery Unraveled

If I respond ‘no one knows for sure’ that would be unsatisfactory (even though it’s close to the truth). If I said the National Institutes for Health (NIH) has been working on putting acupuncture under ‘the microscope’ since the 1980’s when Richard Nixon returned to the USA with his infamous discovery of Traditional Chinese Medicine; that too doesn’t really answer the question.

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