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Baltimore Acupuncture for Health offers acupuncture services to meet all of your health, wellness and pain management needs.

Your journey to healing can begin in either my Catonsville, Maryland spaces.

The most important step in healing is to make the decision to make that initial phone call and set up your first appointment.

The following pages should answer any questions you might have about my acupuncture practice.

I look forward to meeting with you.

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Reclaim Your Sleep

The balm of the night. Heaven’s kiss. An infant’s lullaby. The soothing salve of the day… to drift off into a peaceful sleep.  Not so for everyone. For some people bedtime is ridden with the anxiety of facing another night of fitful tossing and turning, or worse… just lying there watching the clock tick its way to another day of work and responsibilities… exhausted.

Aching Bones – Arthritis

Spring is here. The air is less dense. The birds sound more active.  Listen, and you will hear the difference. You will hear water dripping down rain spouts on a crystal clear afternoon — melting snow and ice.  The movement of life is happening. Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) on the move. Where life seemed silent, cold, and lifeless in winter it begins to sing a new tune right about now.

Divorce and Stress

There I was, lying on my acupuncturist’s treatment table. I’d already explained to him that since my divorce papers had been signed two weeks prior, I found that while I was managing the anger (rage) that kept arising; I was concerned because the rage was bubbling up more and more frequently. I was worried about being eventually flooded by the anger and my preoccupation with the ‘wrongs done’ to me. And, by the way, I added…

Chinese Medicine – Autumn

Why Chinese Medicine in the autumn? According to ancient Eastern philosophy and medicine, the 4 seasons (actually 5 according to Chinese medicine), are flowing within us as well as swirling around us.  For example, the winds of Spring bring bursts of unkempt energy into our reality and gusts through our yards and homes.

Aging and Pain

An 87 year old woman came to see me the other day. Her daughter drove her to my office. As the daughter exited her SUV, I waited to see what her mother looked like as she was assisted out of the vehicle. But that’s not what happened. The daughter simply walked up the sidewalk, leaving her mother to her own devices. (… now this was going to be interesting).

Pain Revisited

I continue to be amazed how even after 25 years of acupuncture’s introduction into our culture; so many people remain uninformed as to the wonderful possibilities of this ancient medical art. However, the good news is that its popularity and general acceptance into the medical mainstream continues to grow.

It Doesn’t Hurt

No, it doesn’t hurt. The American concept of ‘needle’ conjures up fears of that hypodermic injection we all have come to know and avoid. Medical hypodermic needles are stiff, hollow and thick for forcing liquid into a person’s flesh. This is painful! Acupuncture needles are fine and flexible — no bigger that the thickness of a cat’s whisker.

Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Tis the season to be sick. Here it is, the dreaded cold and flu season. Aches, sniffles, fatigue, fever, chills etc. According to ancient Chinese Medicine, in addition to viruses and bacteria (which love to live on our bodies), the ‘pathogens’ responsible for the cold and flu’s we get are due to, quite literally, cold and wind entering our bodies through the skin.

Oprah Endorsement

I was excited to see Oprah endorse acupuncture since she reflects the pulse of our American culture in so many ways. I’d like to see her revisit Acupuncture and take it further. The truth is that Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine still remains a ‘well kept secret’… even after Oprah’s show and Dr. Oz’s commentary. She endorsed only the tip of the iceberg.

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