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Baltimore Acupuncture for Health offers acupuncture services to meet all of your health, wellness and pain management needs.

Your journey to healing can begin in either my Catonsville, Maryland spaces.

The most important step in healing is to make the decision to make that initial phone call and set up your first appointment.

The following pages should answer any questions you might have about my acupuncture practice.

I look forward to meeting with you.

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Cerebral Palsy

Kevin called me last summer asking is acupuncture could help him with his neck pain. He described himself as having ‘mild cerebral palsy’ secondary to birth injury. At 35 years old, he works as an electrical engineer, and has navigated his way through life amazingly well, adjusting to life with crutches and now only a cane. He is married and very content with life.

Chinese Medicine – Spring

In it blows. The March winds are calling us to awaken from winter’s slumber.  Winter’s slumber… well, that would be the ideal. If we could only hibernate like nature calls upon us to do. But our industrialized culture does not really know what if means to rest.

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