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Cerebral Palsy

Kevin called me last summer asking is acupuncture could help him with his neck pain. He described himself as having ‘mild cerebral palsy’ secondary to birth injury. At 35 years old, he works as an electrical engineer, and has navigated his way through life amazingly well, adjusting to life with crutches and now only a cane. He is married and very content with life.

Reclaim Your Sleep

The balm of the night. Heaven’s kiss. An infant’s lullaby. The soothing salve of the day… to drift off into a peaceful sleep.  Not so for everyone. For some people bedtime is ridden with the anxiety of facing another night of fitful tossing and turning, or worse… just lying there watching the clock tick its way to another day of work and responsibilities… exhausted.

Aching Bones – Arthritis

Spring is here. The air is less dense. The birds sound more active.  Listen, and you will hear the difference. You will hear water dripping down rain spouts on a crystal clear afternoon — melting snow and ice.  The movement of life is happening. Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) on the move. Where life seemed silent, cold, and lifeless in winter it begins to sing a new tune right about now.

Anxiety and the Bailout

So, we’ve been ‘bailed out’. Then what’s all the worry I hear? Why are so many people fretting and fearful about the economic situation? Because people are responding to the media’s coverage of businesses failing, unemployment, possible tax increases etc etc., that’s why! Gas prices, banks closing, and jobs in jeopardy.


It is said that the only thing anyone can rely on is life…is death. Simple, yet maybe too simple. As we journey on in our lives we come to realize—hopefully—that death is as mysterious as inevitable. And it is not the only definite in our life.  We can rely on the sun rising and setting. We can rely on green in Spring and auburn in Autumn.

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